Dynamic Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Automated Driving for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Shivani Thakur, Virender Sharma


In this modern world, the need of automation is in every possible field of human interference. Instead of wasting time on trivial less productive jobs people can invest in more productive work while automating the petty jobs, driving being one such job. Further, human error while driving is a major issue. Unmanned Ground Vehicle was introduced to solve such a problem. UGV has been an area of research since its introduction as a concept. Obstacle detection and decision making are major areas of research in UGVs. Trajectory planning algorithm is implemented for this purpose. In our proposed algorithm, Dynamic trajectory planning algorithm, we have extended the scope of TPA. It can now be used for multiple detections thus enhancing decision making. Simulation results confirm the results of our modification.

Keywords: Unmanned ground vehicle, Trajectory Planning algorithm, Dynamic trajectory Planning algorithm, image segmentation and obstacle.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i6.2212


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