Stabilization of Free Rigid Body Motion Stereo 3D Simulation through Invariants

Svetoslav Zabunov, Petar Getsov, Maya Gaydarova


A good spatial perception of the investigated physical phenomenon is important for obtaining successful outcome of the research process. Stereoscopic 3D simulations in a full-fledged online environment are applicable in scientific research of satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle motion. Simulating complex mechanical problems for scientific and experimental tasks requires not only precision to certain degree, but also correct and consistent representation of the physical laws inherent to the simulated formalism. To attain this aim, a genuine stabilization approach is needed. The current paper describes an environment for simulation of free rigid body motion while conserving certain invariants in order not to violate the underlying formalism of the Newtonian classical mechanics even under the inevitable errors inherent to the numerical integration. The dynamic stabilization through invariants of the free rigid body motion simulation is depicted. The simulation, subject of the current paper, may be observed on web address.

Keywords: 3D stereoscopic simulations of rigid body motion, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) simulation, Satellite simulation.

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