A Survey on Enhancement of Quality of Service in Wireless Data Networks

Nirupama. A, M. Akkalakshmi, Sudarson Jena


Quality of service (QoS) is an important consideration in networking. QoS provisioning for wireless networks is a difficult problem due to the self-organizing nature of such networks, and due to strict energy constraints which greatly restrict the signalling overhead. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions involved in providing QoS in wireless data networks. Multiple techniques for providing service guarantees are presented, including data link layer QoS schemes, network layer schemes, integrated (multiple layer) approaches, QoS routing, dynamic class adaptation, and techniques for reservation and admission control.

Keywords: Wireless data networks, QoS, Throughput, Delay Congestion, Fading, Interference, MANET

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i4.2126


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