Message communication using Phase Shifting Method (PSM)

Debabrata Samanta, Syed Khutubuddin Ahmed Khadri, Mousumi Paul


Text messaging has grown rapidly in the recent years. And messaging has become the part of day to day life. Messages serve the purpose of communication in an easy and cheaper manner. But the biggest challenge is to safe guard the communication. As no person wants his/her message to be read by any unknown person. It is therefore a need of the hour to provide security against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance while exchanging confidential and/or personal information. Many techniques have been evolved to send secure messages. This paper highlights the problem and servers a unique way of message communication using the phase shifting concept (PSM). This paper uses phase shifting concept as it is unique way of encoding the message so as to make the sender a relief of message information getting leaked.


Keywords: PSM, Message Communication, Security.

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