Survey on Cloud Computing Security Policies and Privacy Concerns for Information Security

Paresh D. Sharma, Prof. Hitesh Gupta


This paper describes a study on the existing methods and techniques for the cloud computing. Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided ‘As a service’ over the Internet. Cloud computing provides on demand and at scale services for network infrastructure, platforms, and applications based on an off premise, pay-as-you-go operational model. Files and other data can be stored in the cloud and be accessed from any Internet connection. But some security or privacy issues should be taken into account while using this services such as private information disclosure problem while data being shared within the cloud, unauthorized access to personal data, Unauthorized secondary storage, Uncontrolled data propagation etc. various service providers use Identity Management to solve privacy problems but it’s not sufficient. In this paper, a survey on the security policies, trust & privacy issues are studied & based on that the proposed system created. For providing the security to the network and data different encryption methods are used. So, the proposed approach can be used by the service providers in order to get a secured cloud computing environment.

Keywords- Cloud computing; Trust; Security; Privacy;

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