An Android Application for Bluetooth Multicasting in a Piconet

Neha Billimoria, Supriya Pethkar, Vedashree Takalkar, Prof. S. A. Mahajan


Bluetooth is a wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) that provides the means to connect mobile computing devices with each other. It
is a low–cost cable replacement technology that connects one device to another with a universal short-range radio link. The current Bluetooth
implementations facilitate one-to-one transfer of data for cellular phones i.e. unicasting. The Bluetooth specification provides support for a
Bluetooth-enabled device to manage multiple connections. The goal is to develop an application that utilizes this facility for transferring data
from a single Android-based mobile phone to multiple mobile devices.


Keywords: Android, Application Programming Interface, MAC Address, master, multicasting, Personal Area Network, piconet, slave,
unicasting, UUID

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