Fracture Extraction from Colored X-Ray Images

N. Ravia Shabnam Parveen, Dr.M.Mohammed Sathik


A fracture is a crack or break in the bone. This can be easily detected by taking an X-ray in that area. But sometimes these images lack sufficient details needed to diagnose. So these images can be enhanced by adding the color map. To add the RGB color to the Destination image, the reference image ‘mood’ color is taken. Although adding color to the gray scale has no much impact, but the human labor is much reduced. After adding color to the original image, it adds up details to the target image. In the second part of this paper, Bit-Plane slicing method is used to extract the details of a Colored X-Ray Image. This method produces different bit level images. In this paper Bit Level 6 is evaluated for RGB colors of the Original image and it is evaluated with the Bit level 6 of the original image. The result shows that the colored X-Ray image Bit level6 yield more details than the Bit level6 of gray scale X-Ray image.


Keywords: Color map, RGB Color Model Feature Extraction, Bit-Plane Slicing, Gray scale images.

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