Strange Number System: An Enhancing Tool for Data Encryption and Decryption

Debasis Das, Dr. U. A. Lanjewar


In the electronic age, while information needs to be sent on network with security, it has to be encrypted to protect information from 'prying eyes'. Cryptography today is assumed as the study of techniques and applications of securing the integrity and authenticity of transfer of information under difficult circumstances. The goal of every encryption algorithm is to make it as difficult as possible to decrypt the generated cipher text without using the key. Data encryption and decryption using octovicentimal SNS is a novel concept and symbol remapping of cryptography. In this paper we propose a better data encoding and decoding strategy, which will offer better security towards all possible ways of attacks while data transmission.


Keywords: strange number system; octovicentimal; data encryption; data decryption; traditional number system

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