Well-calibrated Probabilistic Machine Learning Classifiers for Multivariate Healthcare Data

Akram Pasha, Latha P. H.


The healthcare applications frequently collect and store the patient data (mostly multivariate) to examine the history of the treatment and thereby enhance the effectiveness of treatment. The efficient treatment to the patient depends on the performance of the machine learning models used for analytics tasks of patient data. It is convenient to have a machine learning classification model in a healthcare application to predict the probability of an observation belonging to each possible class rather than predicting a class value directly for any disease classification problem. Such predicted probabilities are required to be calibrated to assist the overall support and confidence of any machine learning classification model used in many healthcare applications. In this paper, the predicted probabilities are studied to diagnose and improve the calibration of models used for probabilistic classification. The general performance of selected classification models on the two latest wart skin disease treatment data is also reported.


Data Mining, Machine Learning, Classification, Data Analytics, Calibration of Classifiers, Healthcare Systems.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v12i2.6696


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