Nodes Deployment Model and Key Predistribution in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Subash T.D


in wireless sensor network key management is one of the crucial aspects of security. Although existing key managaement schemes are enough to solve most of the security constraints on wireless sensor networks, a hexagonal based deployment model with asymmetric based key predistribution scheme has recently evolved as an efficient solution for sharing keys between sensor nodes.The existing scheme makes use of symmetric matrices in order to establish a secret key between the sensor nodes. It results in the establishment of a single key for communication between two sensor nodes. If it is captured by an adversary then the network is compromised, thus the resilience of the network is reduced. . In this paper the deployment model is improved by making use of hexagonal based deployment and the key pre-distribution scheme is improved by using asymmetric matrix. An asymmetric matrix generates two secret keys for two nodes. Thus bidirectional communication links are established between the nodes. Though one of the links gets compromised by an attacker, there exists another link for secure communication between the nodes. Thus the resilience of the sensor network is improved. The result shows that the number of times network gets compromised is less and the connectivity is high in our method compared to the existing scheme.



Keywords— Key Pre-Distribution, Key Pool, Key Ring, Wireless Sensor Networks.


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