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Carlo A. Batitis
Elvin S. Alcaide
Michelle V. Arguillon
Janedel M. Roldan
Louie F. Agustin


A Barangay is the smallest governmental sector in the Philippines and is the local Filipino name for a village or community. It is governed by elected officials, the topmost being the Punong Barangay or the Barangay Chairperson and assisted by the Sanguniang Barangay or Barangay Councilors.
Due to faster-growing modernization and advanced technologies, barangay operations must keep pace with this new kind technology in order to provide a better service. Unfortunately, most of the barangay are still not prepared to incorporate this kind of new technology. One of them is Barangay Labas as one of the 18 barangays of the City of Santa Rosa, Province of Laguna, the barangay is using manual processing of the document and manual processing of delivering information to its residents.

The SMS Notification Implementing Internet of Things for Barangay Labas, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna is system will help the barangay in processing documents request and delivering the fastest information to its residents. This system can process a documents request in a fastest and convenient way and delivering information to its residents in the fastest way through the help of Short Message Services Technology (SMS).


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Louie F. Agustin, Trimex Colleges

Dean, College of Computer Studies

Trimex Colleges, Philippines


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