Comparative Analysis of Delaunay Triangulation and Square Grid Coverage Strategy for Wireless Sensor Network

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Parveen Kumari
Yudhvir Singh


Wireless sensors networks are a rapidly growing area for research and commercial development. One fundamental problem in wireless sensor networks is the coverage problem, which reflects the quality of service that can be provided by a particular sensor network. In this paper the coverage problem is defined and coverage strategies are studied which are used in deployment stage. Strategies are categorized into two groups; Grid Based and Computational Geometry Based Approach. In this paper comparative analysis of Square Grid and Delaunay Triangulation is done on theoretical basis.These strategies are also implemented using MATLAB and their results were compared on the experimental basis.It is found that Delaunay triangulation coverage strategy is efficient than Square grid coverage strategy.



Keywords : Wireless Sensors Networks, Coverage Problem, Coverage Strategies,Delaunay Triangulation Coverage strategy and Square Grid Coverage Strategy.


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