Mouse for Handless Human

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V. Pradeep


The keyboard and mouse are input devices that allow us to communicate with the computer. A virtual keyboard is a software component that is designed for anyone with a disability that prevents him or her from typing on a physical computer keyboard. With the help of Virtual Keyboard, the input device Mouse is sufficient to operate the computer. The main operations of the mouse are Cursor movement, Left Click and Right Click. This paper gives an alternative system for the Physically Disabled Persons especially for those without Hands. The mouse operations are controlled by the Head Movement (Cursor movement), blinking left eye (Left mouse click) and blinking right eye (Right mouse click). The system works with the computer's webcam to detect the user's head movements, left eye blink and right eye blink that replaces the mouse signals: cursor movements, left mouse click and right mouse click respectively. This paper brings out an idea for an adaptive technology that can be used by the “mobility-impaired†people those who are prevented from moving the mouse or any pointing device.


Keywords: Assistive technology, alternative mouse, hands-free computing, gesture recognition, user interface, disabled users


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