A Survey of Traditional or Character Oriented Symmetric Key Cryptography

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Sukalyan Som
Saikat Ghosh ghoshsaikat6@gmail.com


Cryptography is the art and science of achieving security by converting sensitive information to un-interpretable form such that it cannot be interpreted by anyone except the intended recipient. An innumerable set of cryptographic schemes persist in which each of it has its own affirmative and feeble characteristics. This survey describes the various traditional symmetric key cryptosystems for convinced selection of both basic knowledge and finding future scopes. In the introduction basic definitions of cryptography, cryptanalysis and cryptology is stated. In the next section the fundamental terminologies are stated. Third section differentiates between symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography. Hence, explanations on traditional symmetric key cryptography are presented along with the weaknesses of the schemes. To conclude factors for selecting appropriate cryptographic schemes arte explained.



Keywords: Asymmetric key cryptography; Monoalphabetic Cipher; Polyalphabetic Cipher; Symmetric key cryptography; Transposition Cipher.


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