Fingerprint Based Gender Classification Using Minutiae Extraction

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S. S. Gornale
Basavanna M
Kruthi R


In crime complication court of law has accepted fingerprints verification is most believable and trustworthy proof for gender classification. For the identification and verification fingerprints are very crucial, considering this fact comparatively less no of mission vision methods suggested for gender recognition and identification. Identifying the gender using fingerprint is one of the most important steps in forensic anthropology. But only few researchers have worked for gender classification using fingerprints competitive results are gained. In this work minutia features are extracted for gender classification. The real fingerprints were collected according to different age groups and conducted experiments on internal database of 600 samples (300 male and 300female) by considering the minutiae details like intersecting points, ridge counts, number of blobs, terminating points and ridge counts. In general this work is found to be acceptable and spirited results were observed which are helpful and practically applicable in forensic anthropology.



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