A Dependable sharing approach with creation of Encrypted database

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Monika Sharma
Meenakshi Sharma


Database security is important for every organization to protect their data from unauthorized users. In this dissertation Encryption plays a major role for protecting the data and securely sharing the data in the database. Encrypting the whole data in the database is not advisable because of the time it takes to encrypt the data. So only the sensitive data is encrypted and stored in the database. Whenever any malicious attacks happen on the database even if he opens the database the data in the database is encrypted which that malicious user / unauthorized user can’t understand.[1] So any attacks on the database become useless for those who are attacking. There are different kinds of users out of which administrator is one of the user and the administrator can give permissions to the other users. Whenever any authorized user enters with his valid id and password to view data according to the permissions given by administrator the data is decrypted then retrieved and shown to the user.[4],[6]. Even the user who is the owner of his details can give permissions on his details which he wishes to other users. So sharing also becomes more secure because only the owner and the administrator have the right to give different combination of permissions. In this paper we have discussed the dependable sharing approach of encrypted database.



Keywords: Database, Encryption, Database Security, Data Encryption


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