Hybrid Approach for Solving a Combinatorial Problem with Gene Tuning

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M. Nandhini
S.Kanmani, S.Anandan


A new hybrid approach of Genetic Algorithm (GA) with local search algorithm is proposed to solve Course Timetabling Problems (CTP). In which, GA architecture is enhanced by proposing various selection, crossover and mutation operators. Diversity in population helps to get global optimum. In order to accommodate diversity of population and to avoid local optima, grade selection and combinatorial partially matched crossover operators are proposed. To increase the convergence rate and to produce guaranteed result, various mutation strategies are proposed with gene tuning approach. To improve the quality of the solution, steepest ascent hill climbing local search algorithm has been proposed. With these, hybrid approach with enhanced GA is implemented on CTP and hence its quality is proved by getting more promising and consistent results in all operations of the possible twelve combination of GA proposed operators. Also, proved experimentally that combination of grade selection, combinatorial partially matched crossover and adaptive mutation strategy operators is performing the best among all twelve proposed combinations and a combination of operators from the literature by yielding the average relative convergence rate as 31% which is greater than all others’ convergence rate.



Key Words: course timetabling, grade selection, rank selection, combinatorial partially matched crossover, mutation, gene tuning, local search.


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