Emerging Techniques for Securing Modern Computer Networks

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Hammad Khalid
M. Aqeel Iqbal,M. Usman Shabbir, Umer Farooq


Networks mostly seem as organizational architecture appropriate for supporting organizational clients to learn and equally built innovative conveyance. Our journal appertains to various types of Network Security Attacks and the ways in which they can be avoided and reduced. Network security has become one of the most critical areas of research. Cryptography plays an important role in Network Security. It converts readable data into unreadable data so that the communication between two clients can be private and the third party cannot conscious of this data. Since, the current era of computing is demanding the highest level of computational security. Since, last few decades a variety of algorithms and structures have been demonstrated to manage the issue of Network Security but still this is not the end of the world. There are many issues relevant to Network Security which is still irresolvable. We will discuss the kinds of network security attacks that hackers perform to harm and steal data from unauthorized means and to prevent such attacks which tools are best and reliable. We expect that the reader will have an immense broad view on security in generic, and conceive how to reduce and manage risk personally at home and in the workplace.




Keywords – Network Security, DDoS, Trojans, Cryptography


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