QoS Congestion Control AQM Algorithms: A Survey

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V. Sinthu Janita Prakash
Dr. D. I. George Amalarethinam, Dr. E. George Dharma Prakash Raj


A Congestion control algorithm is one of the keys that keep any network efficient and reliable for the users. Many Algorithms were proposed in the literature over the years for the efficient control of congestion that occur in the network. Active Queue Management (AQM) is one such algorithm that provides better congestion control in the recent years. It works at the router for controlling the number of packets in the router's buffer by actively discarding an arriving packet if congestion occurs. The algorithms given in the literature give better delay performance and high throughput over different traffic conditions. In this paper an exhaustive survey is made on the AQM Algorithms that were proposed and the merits and demerits is presented


Keywords: Congestion control; AQM; queue based; rate based; RED


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