Behaviour Analysis Model with Level Based Access Restriction Algorithm for Cloud Security Development

J. Persis Jessintha, Dr. R. Anbuselvi


The access restriction in Cloud Computing Environment is being done with different methods and measures. However the user has to trust the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the CSP has to trust the user, the trust plays a vital role in access restriction. Since trust depends on the behavior of the cloud user, calculating trust using the behavior is very much needed. To improve the performance of cloud security and access restriction performance, a Behavior Based Multi Profile Access Restriction (BMPR-FL) Fuzzy logic Algorithm is presented in this paper. A behavior analysis model is adapted which tracks the user’s previous access. Based on the access trace, the list of user access to the services requested, and their successful completion has been verified. The method generates fuzzy rules using the access data and the details of access measures. Using the fuzzy rule generated and access details, the method estimates the secure access weight (SAW), based on which the user will be restricted.


Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Access Restriction, User Profile, Behavior Analysis

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