A Method for Classifying the Germination of Green Gram Image using Neural Networks

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Harish S Gujjar


This paper deals with a computer vision system based on machine learning techniques in the field of image processing and germination of the green gram is spontaneously assessed the rate of germination. The germination test is most important and trusted method to determine the speed and successfulness of germination. It gives us the important information regarding the successful of converting the germinated seed into plant. On a whole all green grams are not able to germinate. In this paper we use Artificial Neural Network (ANN) which uses Multilayer Perception structures are used. In between 30 0C to 400C almost all the seed germination takes place. On an average only 90% of the seeds can germinate. This work is able to classify accurately of 96% of germinated seeds.The Green gram samples are collected from APMC in Ballari districts of Karnataka for the growing year 2018.


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