Himani Mittal


Several efforts have been made to computerize Examination System. Agents are autonomous software components capable of making decision on behalf of other entities to realize desired goals. A Multiagent System is a collection of agents that cooperate to solve a problem. In this paper, a Multiagent System is designed, implemented and tested for Management and Evaluation of Examination (MASMEE). Examination can be subjective, objective or practical based on programming languages. The functions of paper setting, evaluation of answers’ and result compilation are performed by intelligent agents. MASMEE mainly consists of two agents: Examiner Agent (EA) and Student Agent (SA). EA sets the paper, evaluates the submitted answers and compiles the results. The SA enables the students’ to take the examination by providing question paper and collecting the answers.The paper setting is performed using a database of questions. A web based interface is developed for conduct of examination. The evaluation of subjective and objective examinations is performedbased on techniquesof information retrieval and Ontology.Practical evaluation is done using 4-stage framework, evaluating on the basis of compilation, functional testing, metrics, efficiencyand similarity of programs to standard program. The MASMEE system is implemented using Java andJava Agent Development Environment (JADE).Testing is performed by conducting tests with post-graduate students. The scores generated by MASMEE are compared with scores assigned by human examiner using correlation and are found to be satisfactory. It is concluded that MASMEE system can help to reduce the effort of human examiner.


Multiagent System (MAS),Subjective Evaluation, Information Retrieval techniques, Practical Evaluation,

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