Mrs.E Sreedevi, Mr.K. Saravanan, Dr.V. Subhamathi


Globalization has become a business imperative and companies are venturing their businesses all over the world. To survive and excel, companies are implementing global strategies and are compelled to adopt Information systems (IS) to collaborate with business partners, enhance their intimacy with customers and suppliers, to design and deliver new products and services and to improve their operational excellence. Digitalization, Sustainable development, bringing transparency in business operations and delivering high quality eco-friendly products and services by automating tasks as much as possible are some of the current focus of business strategists. Information Systems play a pivotal role in making this happen and have transformed the business landscape. Companies are deploying various types of Information Systems to improve their competitive advantage and IS are used to perform day to day operations, to support management decision making and to increase competitive advantage. Among the Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) occupy a special position as they can “mimic human intelligence” and have become an integral part of every business activity. Today, we are witnessing a business world where AIS are used not only to automate tasks, but are also deployed to give expert advice and are able to interact with humans and provide them with the required services as per their preferences. Intelligent agents, Chat bots, Expert systems and Speech Recognition Systems are some of the facets of Artificial Intelligent systems which are already in gouge. By 2030, Artificial Intelligence is likely to have spread into almost all the fields - Ubiquitous. The applications of AI are not limited to a particular area, but from a little thing to an innovative development, there exists AI. This decade can be considered to be the rise of artificial intelligence systems to greater heights. Several companies are investing in the development of AIS to improve their businesses. In this paper, we review the different types of Artificial Intelligence Systems and highlight some of the popular Industrial AIS in use today.


Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Chat bots, Expert Systems

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i9.5095


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