Arun Kumar Singh, Neda Firoz, Arun K. Misra


DoS or Denial-of-service attacks are found in many forms and they're an explicit attempt to block the genuine access of user to the system via reducing availability of the system just similar to physical Dos attacks where for example intentionally the electrical power is removed. Sometimes the attacker may also play with a computing devices and make it inaccessible by altering the existem specification of the management information system. These physical intrusions are tackled by tough security measures and strategies. Although few software guards against some attacks, yet it flops to defend against DoS flooding attacks and it may further exploit unrestricted forwarding of internet packets. DDoS distributed denial of service attacks are another contiguous type of attack over the availability of Internet resources. The attackers are smart enough to penetrate into comparatively large number of computers exploiting weaknesses of different softwares so as to setup distributed attacks. These computers are unsuspecting in nature so they can be easily invoked for planning and attempting attack over more victim systems. Over the time the counter measures are developed attackers also improve the existing attack tools developing as well as imitating techniques for distributed denial-of-service attacks. So it is imperative develop complete expositions for defending against known attack variants of such kinds. However this procedure needs a complete understanding of techniques, prerequisites and scope used in diverse kinds of attacks.
This paper tries to describe the scope of DDoS problem in possible comprehensive capacity. We have tried to propose new methods to categories different techniques used in DDoS attack, also categories attack networks and defining characteristics of different software tools that help to build up such attack networks. With this new approach we attempt to propose different classes’ methods the target this problem during, before, and after actual DDoS attacks. This work envisioned to stimulate research into efficient creative an effective ramparts, detection mechanism and methods for such attacks. This intern may help to create broad and ample solutions providing generalized approach towards countering known as well as derived DDoS attacks.


denial of service, attack, ICMP, Treaceback, Syn flooding, Ip filtering

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