Methaq GAATA, Mohammad Flieh Hassan


As a result of the rapid developments in multimedia field and exchange information and data daily, including the video files, with the need to protect video file, during handling and transmission via the internet from tampering and manipulation (intentional attacks), and to ensure the integrity of the video. We proposed video authentication by using a digital watermark system, for uncompressed video files, by developing a system to extract video information, this information (name, video size, video dimensions, video length, frame number) and embedded these information in Quick Response code (QR code) for sampling these data by using QR generator system to compressed data, and using QR Code as watermark in the video, and video, passes several steps of the conversion, by converting a video to a frame and converting a frame to RGB domain and to YCBCR domain, and then converting the frames to Discreet Wavelet Transform (DWT), by using one of the Haar filter, for effective distribution of watermark and maintaining video quality. The opposite procedure is applied in order to check the authorized ownership of the video information and QR code. Suitable quality realized using the obtained results.


Digital watermarking, video authentication, QR code, Wavelet Transform.

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