Research Paper on Genetic Based Workflow Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing

Er.Jyoti Garg, Er. Gurjit Bhathal


In the current scenario, cloud computing has emerged widely in companies and enterprises. Cloud enables the organization to utilize hardware, software and applications (e.g. CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, Network, and Storage) based on virtualization and pay-as-per-use principle. But the main challenge before cloud is resource management that is how efficiently and effectively the computer resources should be managed so that no computing device is underutilized or over utilized in the dynamic environment. In this paper, a task scheduling algorithm has been introduced which allocates and executes user's tasks. This proposed algorithm is based on genetic algorithm (GA). The main goal of this algorithm is to reduce completion time and execution cost of different tasks and maximize resource utilization. CloudSim Toolkit is used to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm.


Cloud Computing; Workflow scheduling; Genetic Algorithm

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