Agile Development Method for Mobile applications: A study.

MudasirM Kirmani


It is highly important to be knowledgeable about the software development methodologies available in order to make the right choice when it comes to developing a mobile application. For developing mobile applications, existing software development process models are incorporated but looking at remarkable growth of mobile devices, the complexity involved in the development of mobile application needs a dedicated life cycle process model, instead of using traditional life cycle process models. Although many existing life cycle models are adapted for mobile application development but there are certain constraints that needs to be addresses specifically. This paper presents the results of literature review performed in order to identify newly created methodologies targeting the development of mobile applications. The unique requirements and constraints associated with mobile systems have brought new challenges to software development for such environments as its demands extensive improvements to traditional systems development methodologies in order to fulfill special needs of this field. Agile software development methods have caught attention of software engineers and researchers worldwide. The comparative analysis is performed using the methods life-cycle coverage and empirical evidences.


This paper provides detailed review and analysis on the use of agile methodologies with mobile application skills.

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