Agile methods for mobile application development: A comparative analysis.

MudasirM Kirmani


Agile software development methods have caught the attention of software engineers and researchers worldwide. The comparative analysis is performed using the methods life-cycle coverage and empirical evidence as the analytical lenses. The result show that the agile software development methods cover certain/different phases of the software development life cycle and most of them don’t offer adequate support for project universal solution and empirical evidences is still very limited. Based on the results new directions are needed and to place emphasis on methodological quality not method quantity. The aim of this paper is to organize, analyze and make sense out of the dispersed field of agile software development methods. Based on the results of the analysis, practitioners are in a better position to understand the various properties of each method and make their judgment in a more informed way.


For this purpose an analytical framework is constructed which guides the analysis of the different existing methods.

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