Integrated approach for efficient mobile application development using Cloud Computing and Green SDLC: A Study

MudasirM Kirmani


The power of cloud computing by virtualization makes it possible to have energy efficient, cost effective and resource optimization modalities. For optimal use of resources, data centre, hardware, application platform and application, there is a need to pay much more attention on aspects like energy consumption at various stages of mobile application development. Approaches in SDLC stages related to energy issue are recognized and make helpful to develop more friendly platforms for the software applications in general and mobile application in particular by exploiting cloud deployment framework and its versatility. Green computing can be achieved by either product longitivity resource allocation, virtualization or optimum power management. This study concentrates on various approaches which are there in literature formulate a base towards new developmental framework for mobile application using cloud computing and Green SDLC. The study puts more consensuses on various aspects to make broader prospects to achieve greener software products that are able to sustain the environment and also future generation and to design a way that will lead transmission of green software products through mobile devices is energy efficient.



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