Ataussamad Ataussamad, Dr. Shiva Prakash


Cloud computing is a prominent method of accessing shared and dynamically configurable resources through network on demand. It is excessively used by mobile applications to offload data over the network to the cloud. There is a prominent need of security on the cloud data as it is stored at mobile locations, so we have proposed an approach to provide a double security to the cloud data using the digital image steganography technique as well as the cryptography technique. In this work we tried to secure the cloud transmission by means of Optimized Blowfish algorithm for the encryption of secret message. In the next step steganography method is used where we have employed the Dynamic Circular Queue in the cover image to embed the encrypted message bits into circular blocks of the cover image which makes it more secure than simple LSB substitution method. When the receiver needs to obtain the information he needs to select the Cover image which is than unhidden using the same circular queue substitution. Authorized receiver will determine the right plain text using private key in Blowfish de-cypherment. Performance analysis is evaluated by using MSE, PSNR values. Results are higher as compared with several of existing algorithms of image steganography.


Steganography, DCQ, PSNR, MSE.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3455


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