Segregation of waste using IOT

Harshita Joshi, Amit Mittal


In present scenario efficient waste management is the major objective of the country. Segregation of waste and creating awareness of different types of waste is new boom. Waste from the houses can be broadly divided into two categories dry waste and wet waste. It is recommended to have two separate dustbins in the house to keep wet waste from mixing up with its dry counterpart. Due to lack of awareness in citizens they prefer mix all the waste and disposed. It is just loss to ecosystem as well as individual health due to poisonous gas emission from waste. Bad smell spreads and may cause illness to human beings. It also leads to unhygienic environment and look of the city. In this proposed system smart dustbin will be created in which soil moisture sensor sense the moisture of waste and based on threshold value desired one will be enter as input. To achieve the overall scenario IOT technology will be used.


Internet of Things; Solid Waste Management; Ultrasonic and IR Sensors; Microcontroller

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