A Survey: Opinion Mining Its Tools and Techniques

Tamanna Sachdeva, Divya Kauhik, Shruti Sharma


In previous era the very first step when someone is looking for buying a new product they take advice from relatives, friends or if a company need to launch a new product they perform surveys which was very time consuming task. But today all are busy in their life and have no time for this kind of stuff. Web being a wonderful substitution for individual opinion asking. Various sites provide different reviews about the product. But size of web is very large. This enormous data again increases the problem of users. So what we need is an automatic technique which provides only valuable information which a user actually requires. Opinion mining is that technique which provides exact opinion from such enormous data about a specific product. It has become the helping hand of today’s generation for private decisions from public means. In this paper we discuss about opinion mining, its types, various tools for accomplishing opinion mining task, and its challenges.

Keywords: opinion mining; polarity; stemming; POS Tagger; morphological analysis; SVM; naïve bayes

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i3.3168


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