Node Weight Based Cluster Formation to Improve Route Stability in MANET

Mr. S. Rajasekar, Dr. A. Subramani


In the recent year clustering in MANET has become a crucial research issue, because clustering can improve routing performance of
wireless adhoc networks. Clustering is significant models to control the topology of the networks include different phases like cluster formation,
cluster head selection, and cluster maintenance. It uses cluster head is important as the stability of the network depends on well-organized and
resourceful. Cluster head selection in MANET where it is necessary to provide robustness in the face of topology changes caused by node
motion, node failure and node insertion or deletion. In this paper proposed a new routing algorithm named Node Weight Based Cluster
Formation (NWBCF). This proposed algorithm will execute based on the high potential score (Cluster Head) node and every cluster member
node select above 30% of energy capacity nodes. The remaining nodes are removed from the cluster head region for find the path from source to
destination to hop1, hop2 and so on until reach the destination. If the cluster head is will go for threshold, choose another high potential score
node (above 30% of energy capacity) act as a cluster head until reach the destination.

Keywords: Link Stability, MANET, Cluster Head, Cluster Weight, Broadcast.

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