Two Dimensional Mapping by using Single Ultrasonic Sensor

Neelam Barak, Neha Gaba, Shipra Aggarwal


An innovative and efficient approach to build a two-dimensional map of an indoor environment using an ultrasonic sensor has been
described in this paper. A mobile robot (node) with an ultrasonic sensor has been used and map generation algorithm has been implemented
using MATLAB software. This paper presents a simple map building algorithm to build a map using static obstacles present in the indoor
environment. The mobile robot (node) uses a sub map merging mapping technique. The motive is to build a low cost mapping mobile robot to
create the map of an unknown indoor environment. The mobile robot used has been built physically and the experimental results have been
obtained from the presented indoor environment with different sets of obstacles. The mapping results prove the efficiency of the algorithm.


Keywords: Indoor, environment, Mapping, Mobile, robot, Sub, map, merging, Ultrasonic, sensor

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