Framework for Opinion Mining from Web Blogs

Nishikant Bele, Bikram Kesari Ratha


Last two decade content generations on the web are phenomenon due to Web 2.0. It gives the platform to exchange the ideas, views, thought, experience, opinion, share information, likes and dislikes to the millions of peoples using Blogs, reviews, and other social network sites. Since the characteristics of blog are different than the normal webpage therefore we require the different technique to apply on blog data to extract the latent knowledge discovery from the blogs. The scope of this Paper limits to the discussion of analysis and mining of opinion from blogs. In this Paper an attempt has been made to describe and discuss various analysis and mining techniques used for extracting opinion from blogs. We have purposed a framework for opinion mining from blogs. The Paper also discusses various issues and challenges in analyzing and mining the blogs as well as future scope of research.

Keywords: Blog, opinion mining, Web Mining; Lexicon; Text Mining, Machine learning techniques, business intelligence.

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