Prediction of Paddy Production based on Rainfall and Ground Water Level

Surbhi Sarda, N.Deepu,P.Ajay Kumar, S.Venu Babu, Dr. J. Rajendra Prasad, D. Ratnam


Paddy is the staple crop of Andhra Pradesh due to which forecasting its future productions is one the most necessary application among the current issues. Ground water levels are one of the major water resources to the Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh where most of the cultivation of the crops such as paddy, ground nuts and many more rely on the ground water. The ground water fluctuations also make the prediction of paddy production quite cumbersome. Thus to determine the paddy production and to analyze the fluctuations of the ground water level as it affects the paddy production, we make use of the classification algorithm i.e. linear regression. In the current scenario the huge amount of fluctuations in the ground water level is affecting the economy at a higher level. It affects the paddy productions, economy, and the low lying people. The future predictions of the ground water level will be of great use for advancement in the growth of the crops and increase in the paddy production. Finally the main motive of our model is to predict the future paddy productions based on the ground water level and the rainfall data.

Keywords: ground water, rainfall, production, fluctuations, linear regression.

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