Dissolution of Secret Sharing as meaningful shares & Review on Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme

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T.Ram Kumar


Visual cryptography (VC) schemes hide the secret image into two or more images which allows the encoding of a secret image into shares distributed to participants. The secret image can be recovered simply by stacking the shares together without any complex computation involved. An extended visual cryptography scheme (EVCS) is a kind of VCS which consists of meaningful shares (compared to the random shares of traditional VCS. In this paper, a color visual cryptography scheme producing meaningful shares is proposed. These meaningful shares will not arouse the attention of hackers. The proposed scheme utilizes the halftone technique, cover coding table and secret coding table to generate two meaningful shares show that the proposed embedded EVCS has competitive visual quality compared with many of the well-known EVCSs in the . Comparative analyses have demonstrated that the new scheme is perfectly applicable and achieves a high security level.


Keywords – Secret Sharing Extended Embedded system, visual cryptography, Halftone Coloring.


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