Faster Retrival Of Webpages Using Memory Caching Technique

Miss. Afroz K.. Khan, Miss. Urmila S. Gavali, Mr. Rajshekhar , Prof. S. P. Aware


Memory caching technique focuses on performance evaluation of serving nodes responsible for executing web applications requests. A
scalability mechanism that will is; memory cached, an object caching system that could speed up throughput of web applications whereby it reduces
the burden of database load. In research, it is assessed memory cached behavior on how it affects other nodes in the network and how it differs in
single and clustered mode. Researchers have been able to show that performance of web application can be improved by proper integration of
memory caching.
This is a fairly new technology aimed at decreasing heavy database loads by adding a scalable object-caching layer to an application As with any
valuable new technology, Memory caching evolved to meet an identified problem in the market.


Keywords: Memory caching, DNS Look up , Redirect , CCS , Image compression

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