Infrastructure of Authentication and Authorization for Mobile Users Using Pervasive- PKI

Ms. Poonam. A. Manjare, Prof. R. R Keole


In computer science distributed systems could be more secured with a distributed trust model based on PKI. PKI provides a framework
to verify the identities of each entities of given domain. However, it becomes difficult to establish trust relationship across heterogeneous
domains due to different actual trust mechanism and security policy as well as the intrinsic flaw of each trust model. Network and device
heterogeneity, nomadic mobility, intermittent connectivity and, more generally, extremely dynamic operating conditions, are major challenges in
the design of security infrastructures for pervasive computing. Yet, in a ubiquitous computing environment, limitations of traditional solutions
for authentication and authorization can be overcome with a pervasive public key infrastructure (pervasive-PKI).

Keywords: Authentication, Authorization, Security Architecture, Trust, Ubiquitous Computing

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