Analysis of Various Topology Based Routing Protocols in VANET

1Ms. N. V. Pardakhe, Prof. R. R Keole


Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) offer a vast number of applications without any support from fixed infrastructure. These
applications forward messages in a mult-hop fashion. Designing an efficient routing protocol for all VANET applications is very hard. Hence a
survey on routing protocols based on various parameters of VANET is a necessary issue in vehicle-to- vehicle (V2V) and infrastructure-to- vehicle
(IVC) communication. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) is a subclass of Mobile ad hoc networks which provides a distinguished approach
for Intelligent Transport System (ITS). The survey of routing protocols in VANET is important and necessary for smart ITS. In this paper we have
studied about VANET, various characteristics and applications of VANET and also have given a brief overview of different topology based
routing protocols in VANET along with major classifications. The protocols are also compared based on their essential characteristics and

Index Terms— Hybrid, Proactive, Reactive, Routing protocol, VANET

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