Advanced Hill Cipher Involving Permutation and Iteration

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V.U.K. Sastry
Aruna Varanasi, S.Udaya Kumar


In this Paper we have developed a block cipher which depends upon iteration and permutation. In this we have used an involutory
matrix ( a matrix whose inverse is the same as the matrix) wherein the elements of the matrix depend upon the key chosen by us for encryption
as well as decryption. As the permutation plays a prominent role in dissipating the characteristic features of the plaintext and the key, the
strength of the cipher is found to be enhanced significantly. In this analysis obtaining the involutory matrix involves advanced concepts and
elementary operations and hence obtaining it has become very simple. The avalanche effect and the cryptanalysis have clearly indicated that this
cipher is a strong one.


Keywords: permutation, iteration, involutory matrix, key, ciphertext, modular arithmetic, cryptanalysis.


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