Implementation of Effective Mobile Data Mining through Algorithm

S. A. Ghotkar, R.R Shelke


Data mining services play an important role in the field of Communication industry. Data mining is also called knowledge discovery
in several database including mobile databases. In this paper, the consumptive behavior based on data mining technology will be discussed and
analyzed using web services and, also different aspects of data mining techniques and their behavior in mobile Environment i.e. devices will be
discussed and analyzed. Due to recent advances in computer hardware technology, a vast number of mobile users, also called as mobile clients,
are accessing various information systems by notebooks or personal digital assistant such as PDAs via wireless communication from anywhere
at any time. At present, the wireless services do not support the personalization and localization for mobile clients. If wireless internet service
provider has the ability to explore the user behaviors, and support Location-based Services, it will increase the client's loyalties and satisfaction.
In the paper , we use the data mining technologies to trace out the mobile client’s behaviours and the sequences of service requests through web
services. In this paper, mobile web services which allow remote users to execute data mining tasks from a mobile phone or PDA and receive on
those devices the result of a data analysis task.

Keywords: Mobile Search, Personalized Search, location-aware services, pattern, itemset.

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