Smart Grid Technologies: Next Generation Power Systems

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Ms. Jyotsna P. Gabhane
Mrs. Manisha N.Nimbalkar, Ms.Tejal Irkhede


In the next-generation electric power systems that incorporate diversified renewable energy resources, automated and intelligent management is a critical component that determines the effectiveness and efficiency of these power systems. The management automation and intelligence are envisioned to offer a variety of advantages over the current systems in terms of digitalization, flexibility, intelligence, resilience, sustainability, and customization, which entitles the name Smart Grid to the next generation power systems. The smart control centers are expected to monitor and interact the electric devices remotely in real time; the smart transmission infrastructures are expected to employ new technologies to enhance the power quality; and the smart substations are expected to coordinate their local devices self-consciously. While current power systems are based on a solid information and communication infrastructure, the new smart grid needs a different and much more complex one, as its dimension is much larger. This paper will focus issues on smart grid technologies. The main objective of this paper is to provide current state of the art in smart grid communications.

Keywords: smart grid communication, power system, renewable energy.


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