A Novel Approach for Identifying Intruder based on Multiple Approaches

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Amit Kumar Sharma
Mr. Naveen Hemrajani


The paper reviews of research to identify the intrusion and intruder, most computers authenticate user ID and password before users can
login these systems. However, danger soon comes if the two items are known to hackers. In this paper, we propose a system that finds who intrude
and how they intrude in to the system. The information about the intruder and their saved information in the data warehouse to the other location
without knowing to the intruder and in this duration server will find the information about the intruder. In future when intruder again enter in the
network then caught and show the information about him and last time you enter in this network. For this technique I can reduce the network attack.
And find more type of Network intrusion Detecting System with using data mining Approach. Our experimental results show that the recognition
accuracy of students of computer science department is up to 99%.


Keywords: Network Intrusion Detection, Data Mining, Honeypots, User Authentication.


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