Incorporation of Quality Metrics inWorkforce Management Model for Service Industries With Special Reference to Catering Sector - A Network Flow Approach

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Varughese T.C
Dr. Mendus Jacob


The number of service industries is growing tremendously in the majority of countries. The increase of competitors compels firms in this sector to improve their efficiency and productivity which require adequate management of available manpower and other resources. Relating staffing decisions with quality is not so frequent in manpower planning models. The goal of manpower planning model shall be to establish minimum capacity levels below which quality may be affected. The current study is an extension of the authors’ work on workforce planning models using network flow approach. The models developed earlier incorporate the main issues concerning with the determination of workforce size in a service organization, such as the duration of the planning horizon, average time a customer has to wait before his demand is attended to and monetary issues in connection with the changing of workforce strength. The models also accommodated workforce reduction through temporary closing and expansion of workforce strength through new capital investment. In the current study, we incorporate a constraint related to quality aspects of the service delivered with special reference to catering industry scenario and has seen that addition of new constraints fit well in the network flow models developed.

Keywords: workforce, quality metrics, planning horizon, network flow, catering sector.


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