A Comprehensive Study on Cross Layer Design and its Future

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Prabhat Singh
Vinay Kumar,Akhilesh Kumar, Awadhesh Kumar


Rapid adaptation of wireless technology when coupled with the explosive growth of the internet results in the increasing demand of wireless data services. Over the last decade, , there are large numbers of cross layer design proposals in the literature of wireless networks. Researchers have proposed that cross layer design proposal obtained the optimized performance gains in the wireless network. Cross layer design proposal focus on both cellular communication as well as mobile ad-hoc network and involves various layers of the protocol stack. After a very long time, various efforts of cross layer design are put in to single comprehensive effort. Cross layer design definition, coordination model and its management entities are also discussed in order to show the interactions between the layers. In this paper, we have presented a survey of various cross layer design proposals. In this paper, we also focus on various open technical challenges and new opportunities faced by the cross layer design in the nearby future.

Keywords: cross layer design, wireless networks


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