Data Mining, Intrusion Detection System – A Study

Kandukuri Chandrasena Chary


in today’s world network is the business driven by business needs, demands notified by the enterprises. With the pre-established network paths the enterprises do the business transactions. These pre-established network paths, information access is possible and this leads less protection of data from un-trusted users. To protect the data against un-trusted users, in the network a new system is introduced and it is part of every enterprise i.e. Intrusion Detection System. This system is used to identify the intrusions. Data mining playing a key role in strengthen the Intrusion Detection System and proven that it is the best way to detect the intrusions. This paper reviews the intrusion detection system and the mining concepts like association, classification and clustering methods in finding intrusions.

Keywords: Intrusion Detection System, IDS, Data Mining, intrusion, Denial of Service.

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