A study of DS with the help AQUA method.

Roshni S. l Ata, Ritesh R. Makhija, Avinash P. Jadhao


This paper is the study which is referring to and illuminates the meaning of the term Decision Support (DS). DS is put in the environment of Decision Making, and some most important influences of DS are overviewed such as Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems, Data Warehousing . To do this, it is combined with a query system to answer expert questions about the ideal action for a given instantiation of decision features. The main difficulty is come out precisely answer queries related with incomplete instantiations. Our proposal establishes an automatic and interactive dialogue between the decision-support system and the expert to produce information from the expert to reduce ambiguity. Thus a study of method named Aqua has been made which is a system for providing fast, approximate answers to combined queries. It has been designed to run on top of any commercial relational DBMS.

Keywords: Decision support systems; Artificial Intelligence; Expert system; Query system; data warehousing;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v3i1.972


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