Atdhe Buja, Zana Beqiri Luma


Information security has received everyone's attention, especially in the case of the global Covid-19 pandemic. SMEs are looking for solutions that offer greater security and a normal functioning of activities. Our research is aiming to measure the benefits from the usage of an online Vulnerability Assessment SQL tool (VA SQL). In the study, through an experiment of various tools used we can see different results in the findings. We present the best practice and a model of proactive approach to analyze database security using Microsoft technology. Currently, we need to have and use a lot of scripts or external tools to identify and fix the vulnerabilities. The findings, demonstration of the study should reveal and support our main hypothesis that there is direct link between the database security and the main factors that threat and risk the data. In this paper, we present VA SQL – a model for discovery, track and fix potential database security gaps of different information systems and web application databases.


sql database, cybersecurity, assessment, vulnerability

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