Grid-based Design for Dual Monitoring Applications in WSN with Mobile Sink

Shivani S Bhasgi, Dr. Sujatha Terdal


Wireless sensors are used in ample number of applications for sensing different data. They are used in environmental monitoring or event based, but applications requiring both are not very familiar. These kinds of applications require data to be delivered based on the deadline. Such hybrid systems are considered and a method feasible for both is proposed in this paper.  Sensors are grouped into clusters and group heads are selected based on some parameters which will help to save energy, balance the network as well as extend the lifetime. The sensors collect data and send to group heads using TDMA and data is collected by mobile sink time slots are allotted for time sensitive event data. The proposed technique is implemented in NS2 and compared with existing algorithms in terms of lifetime, delay etc. The proposed procedure has 15% more lifetime than previous methods. 



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